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What we are all about....

The mission of the 90 Mile March is to elevate awareness and raise funds to battle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that affects too many of our brave and courageous combat veterans.  


My name is James Chartier, retired Staff Sergeant of the US Army, and this March is my personal commitment to contributing to those who were and are less fortunate than me.

Twenty-two vets commit suicide every day!


 And far too many are homeless, adrift in society with inadequate shelter, food, clothing, and, above all, medical and rehabilitation care.  


This is the fourth year for my 90 Mile March, to focus attention on this malady, and to solicit donations to fund better treatments.  


The enthusiasm, support, and public outpouring  of endorsements and reinforcements have shown me the possibilities.  The Governor of MA is a heartfelt respecter of all veterans, and he has--through his Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Francisco Urena--urged the legislature for more funding for ailing veterans, and more funding has been forthcoming.

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Donations by check may also be made to:

90 Mile March

PO Box 1111

Chicopee  MA  01021

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