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Finding support and help - how the community made a difference in 2016's March

I began the 2016 "90 Mile March" on 3 Nov 2016, with a full pack, and bivouacked nightly where I could find a place.

I underestimated the huge public response to my journey and to my purpose.

I was stopped often for photos to be taken, for people to offer me encouragement and support, for others to offer me food and water, and in one instance, for a combat veteran who is now a coach who asked me to speak to his youth football team.

So accomplishing the 40 miles the first day, 30 miles the second, and 20 miles the last day was very, very challenging due to the rousing enthusiasm I encountered all along the journey.

Men and women, boys and girls, old and young, veterans and Gold Star Families, all welcomed me into their hearts and provided huge boosts in my confidence and lots of encouragement for the purpose and the journey representing the mission.

Despite the rainy and snowy weather, my very soul was warmed by the good people along the way who contributed to my state of mind and made the journey meaningful and purposeful.

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